Vacation Services

Want to go on a long vacation with your family but are too worried about leaving your house unattended? Well, then you can be at ease knowing that you have the maintenance professionals from the JonesE team to look after your home while you are away. So you can now start packing for your vacation and be stress-free, knowing that your home and all the valuables inside it will be perfectly safe and under the constant watch of our qualified staff members.

Many homeowners fret a lot about leaving their homes locked for a long time and this prevents them from truly enjoying their vacation since the security of their home is always at the back of their minds. At JonesE, we understand this challenge that people face, hence we offer our special vacation services which include keeping a watch on your home for any signs of forced entry, checking your appliances and even feeding pets or watering plants.

So the next time you are planning a vacation with your loved ones, remember to contact us to get the help you need to keep your house secure while you enjoy your well-deserved break. What’s more, if you plan to go on vacation for an extremely long period of time, then be sure to inquire about our vacation services for extended durations. We can then arrange for a team of professionals who will dedicatedly watch over your house till the time you return back from your vacation.

Here are the major vacation services that we offer;

For extended periods we will also do:



Barter your spare capacity, unsold time, idle inventory, empty space to get the things you need.

Offering the best carpet and upholstery cleaning you could wish for.